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HDFC share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 to 2030

To buy, hold and sell any stock, an investor needs to know the target and forecast price of that stock, with this HDFC share price target you can invest in the long-term and short-term,

This HDFC target price is as per the bank’s annual report, financial results, historical graph analysis & analysts, etc.

HDFC share price target

HDFC share price target

If you are going to take stock of HDFC then you should know about this bank, so that you can plan to invest in the long term and short term,

HDFC Bank Overview

This bank was established in 1977 and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, HDFC Bank has several subsidiaries which include HDFC Life, HDFC Bank, HDFC Ergo, HDFC Mutual Fund, HDFC Credila, etc.

It is a private-sector bank that provides its banking facilities in countries like India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

HDFC bank trades in the stock market of India, and America, and many investors invest in its stock,

As of April 2022, HDFC Bank has a market cap of around 9.19 T (previous close), a P/E ratio of close to 22.68, 45 days moving average – 1441.805, 90 day moving Average – 1452.212, and a 90-day average moving – 1481.201, share Volume – 178,323 (previous close).

In 2022, HDFC Bank recorded a growth of 21,503 permanent employees in its current financial year, which is a 90% increase over the previous year, the number may cross 26,000 by the end of the financial year 2021-22,

In the previous financial year about 2020, the bank had added 12,931 people, In the year 2021,

The bank had planned for a future new workforce, which would include hiring 13000 employees who would be involved in branch banking, teleservice/sales (including virtual relationship manager channel), business with sales channels, and Digital Marketing.

In this way the bank is constantly moving forward with new changes and adding new employees, if the bank gets good profit from this in the future, then the income of the bank will increase and HDFC shares will see a jump,

HDFC Bank share price target 2023

This bank has once again been rated as Excellence in India by the Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey of 2022, bank comes as the best bank in private banking services according to which first HDFC share price target 2023 can be around Rs 1500 and second hdfc ltd share price target 2022 can be around Rs 1560,

The Bank’s Net Revenue (Net Interest Income and Other Income) increased to ₹ 26,627.0 Crore as of December 31, 2021, from ₹ 23,760.8 Crore as of December 31, 2020, showing an increase of 12.1% of Net Revenue,

Talking about the net interest income, this net interest income (interest less interest earned) increased by 13.0% to INR. 18,443.5 crores from INR. 16,317.6 crores from December 31, 2020, to December 31, 2021.

If you analyze the financial results and annual reports of the bank, you will get to know how the financial position of the bank is,

HDFC Bank has set up an Oxygen Plant in Sonepat (Haryana) to avoid Corona like pandemic and has set up PSA Plants in many cities so that the hospital has its own Oxygen Plant and does not have to depend on cryogenic tankers,

This is a bank that gives the maximum number of home loans, business loans, etc., which keeps its revenue, HDFC Bank has many subsidiaries from which the bank earns profit every year,

HDFC Bank has 250 branches in Rajasthan state and plans to open 150 new branches by next 2023, this bank has 474 ATMs and 78 CDMs in Rajasthan,

In this way, the bank is expanding its branches in many states of India and increasing its revenue by adding new customers, this will directly affect the HDFC share, and you will see a further jump in the HDFC bank share price in the future.

HDFC bank Stock forecast price is updated weekly and monthly as per our expert advice, and technical analysis of stock so subscribe to our website and get new updates and changes in the HDFC bank stock price target.

Consult your financial advisor before investing in the stock market and visit our disclaimer page.

HDFC bank share price target 2024

The way the bank has planned to open 150 new branches in Rajasthan by 2023, will give good financial help to the bank in the future, This bank has given loans to many states, due to which the bank’s revenue will increase in the future, according to this, hdfc share target in 2024 will be around Rs 1680 to Rs 1970,

There are only 30 lakh accounts in HDFC branches in Rajasthan and the total business of HDFC Bank in Rajasthan as of 30 September 2021 was approximately Rs 70,250.75 crore, its credit deposit ratio was around 143.91%,

HDFC Bank is associated with the development of Indore Clean Energy Private Limited (ICEPL) which is Asia’s largest Bio-CNG plant and produces 550 tonnes/day of Compressed Biogas (CBG) from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

This waste-to-energy project is the biggest funded project as per HDFC Bank’s ESG commitments, it is a 20-year concession agreement,

The bank is associated with many such development projects, thus increasing the income of the bank and HDFC stock through financial assistance,

HDFC bank share price target 2025

This bank opened 294 branches in 2021 and added 16,852 new people and has made other investments to position itself and growth which can be seen till 2025, on this basis experts believe that HDFC bank’s 2025 share target will be around Rs 2050 to Rs 2490,

HDFC share price target 2026

If we talk about HDFC bank’s target in 2026, then the revenue of this bank will increase compared to previous years according to which first HDFC ltd share price target 2026 is around 2610 INR. and second HDFC bank share prediction 2026 is likely to be around 2960 INR.,

HDFC Bank has been adjudged the Best Private Bank in India in 2021 at the Global Private Banking Awards organized by Professional Wealth Management (PWM).

The HDFC Bank has inaugurated digital classrooms in government schools, consisting of 29 smart classrooms in the state of Rajasthan.

Apart from this, HDFC Bank has partnered with the Education Board of Rajasthan State to digitize the education sector, in which teachers will be groomed with modern technologies and digital classrooms will enhance the learning skills of children,

Like this no other bank does any such activity, this bank works on the ground level with government schemes, due to which we get to see its revenue increase every year,

HDFC bank share price target 2030

Experts have fixed the first HDFC share target price around Rs 3570 and the second HDFC target price around Rs 3850 based on previous HDFC stock price analysis.
If we talk about the target price of HDFC Bank, then every year revenue in this bank increases by 11% to 13%,

If the management of HDFC Bank works like this in the future then you can see the prediction data given by us for hdfc share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 hdfc share price target 2027, and HDFC share price target 2030,

Years wise Table of HDFC share price Target

  • 2023 share price target 1 1500 INR,
  • 2023 share price target 2 1560 INR,
  • 2024 share price target 1 1680 INR,
  • 2024 share price target 2 1970 INR,
  • 2025 share price target 1 2050 INR,
  • 2025 share price target 2 2490 INR,
  • 2026 share price target 1 2610 INR,
  • 2026 share price target 2 2960 INR,
  • 2027 share price target 1 3020 INR,
  • 2027 share price target 2 3200 INR,
  • 2028 share price target 1 3250 INR,
  • 2028 share price target 2 3375 INR,
  • 2029 share price target 1 3467 INR,
  • 2029 share price target 2 3499 INR,
  • 2030 share price target 1 3570 INR,
  • 2030 share price target 2 3850 INR,

This HDFC share price prediction is given to you as per technical analysis, historical price, analysts, financial overview, etc.

You will be responsible if our HDFC Bank share price forecasts cause financial risk to you, this HDFC stock forecast is for informational purposes only, it is not affiliated with any stock exchange,

According to your financial advisor, you should invest in HDFC Shares, fluctuations in share price depend on many factors, so you should make a decision according to the financial position of the bank, read our website disclaimer,


How good is HDFC Bank’s share for holding long term?

Stock experts believe that HDFC shares can give you good returns on long-term investment, according to some experts, if you invest in NSE: HDFCBANK for at least 3 years to 5 years then a good return can be taken,

If you hold HDFC stock for a long time, then you will also get more returns, an investor should analyze this stock properly and invest in it,

Is it worth buying HDFC shares?

As per the HDFC share price analysis, HDFC Bank financial overview, market price, stock prediction, etc done by our stock experts, no negativity is observed in HDFC shares,

Before buying HDFC Shares you should do an analysis of the bank’s historical stock price, P/E Ratio, and Financial Quarterly Report of last year.

Is 2024 a good time to invest in HDFC Bank shares?

2024 is the right time to invest in HDFC Bank shares according to the bank’s share growth seen in July 2023 as compared to the previous years.

You can make an investment plan in 2024 as per HDFC’s Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 financial results or Annual report,
Final word

This Hdfc share price target article is for the investors so that they can analyze the HDFC share properly and invest according to their financial advisor.