IRFC Share price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 to 2030

Today we are going to talk about the IRFC share price target in an article and tell what is the future strategy of IRFC company and where the company has invested,

In today’s article, we are going to discuss how much the share price target of Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd can go up in the coming time.

Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd company and NSE: IRFC Share Overview

IRFC is considered to be the largest private company of Indian Railways, the company was established in 1986, and its main business is to supply food on railways and book railway tickets, etc.

Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd is a private company of Indian Railways that provides online facilities to the people, the share price of IRFC company is Rs 20 in July 2022, and the company’s share price is seeing constant fluctuations,

Many times the share price of the company goes close to Rs 22, then suddenly it comes to Rs 20, profit and loss are being seen in this stock,

IRFC Financial Reports/Results

Talking about the finance report of IRFC company, in 2022 the company submitted its 1st finance report in which the company earned a profit of Rs 5975 crore,

The company has been running in profit continuously for many years, in March 2021 the profit of IRFC company was 8331 crores,

This company makes crores of profit every year because it is a private company of Indian Railways which gives online facilities to people from food to drink, which benefits the company a lot,

  • Market Cap  –  260.063B INR,
  • Volume  –  4,575,430
  • Avg. Volume  –  4,575,430 INR ( as of July 2022),
  • Enterprise Value –  4.14T INR,
  • PE Ratio ( as of July 2022)  –  4.21,
  • Revenue (ttm)  –   62.26B INR,
  • 1 Month Return –   (-11.44%)
  • 3 Month Return –   (-17.87%)
  • 1 Year Return –  (-74.45%)
  • 5 years Return –  (-74.45 %)
  • Gross Profit (ttm)  –   62.26B INR,
  • 86.36% – % of Shares Held by All Insiders,
  • 2.58%  – % of Shares Held by Institutions,
  • 18.90% – % of Float Held by Institutions,
  • 23 – Number of Institutions Holding Shares,
  • Operating Cash Flow (ttm) –     -644.12B INR.

NSE: IRFC share historical prices

Talking about the historical value of IRFC company, IRFC company was listed on the stock exchange on 29th January 2021, Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd has been listed on the stock exchange for only 1 year but there is no significant change in the share price,

IRFC company was listed in the stock market with a share price of Rs 24, but the share price of IRFC company is continuously declining, so far the highest share price of the company has been Rs 25.80,

IRFC share price target 2023

From 2021 this Indian railway finance corp limited company listed in the stock market to carry on its business, The 2023 IRFC share price target will be Rs 80.57, and another IRFC share target 2023 price will be around Rs 85.40,

IRFC is a company in railways that works for people from food and drinks to ticket booking, IRFC does all the work of online tickets.

If you want to order any kind of food from the railway then you have to order through the IRFC company only.

India is a country where the maximum number of trains run and IRFC company gets maximum benefit from it, 

The business of IRFC company is considered to be the strongest in the railways because every year the company earns crores of profits,

You can plan your investment according to our given IRFC share price prediction for 2022 and IRFC long-term target price,

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IRFC share price target 2024

Some investors know that there may be a sharp increase in the share price of IRFC in the coming time, experts also believe that in 2024 the first IRFC share target price will be Rs 87.67, and the second IRFC share future target will be Rs 97.25,

As we all know IRFC is the biggest company in Delhi and all the interventions are done by the ministry, which benefits the company in that no third party or other company can do business in this business,

Half of the profit earned by the IRFC company goes to the Ministry of Railways, in a way, Indian Railway Finance Corp Limited Company has a monopoly in the business of online ticket booking and food facilities in the Railways, due to which the revenue of the company increases every year,

The company has not yet given a good return to its shareholders, but the special thing about the stock of IRFC company is that as the stock falls, the number of people buying its shares keeps on increasing,

IRFC share price target 2025

This IRFC company may have suffered a little loss at the time of lockdown but still, the company is in good condition, the financial position of the company is also powerful, based on which the first IRFC share price target in 2025 will be Rs 105.42 and the second IRFC share target will be Rs 112.85,

Indian Railway Finance Corp Limited Company is also making constant efforts to provide good facilities to railway passengers. The company is also continuously using new technology in railways,

IRFC company has now started restaurant service on railways so that people can eat the best food, apart from this railway has also recently launched a platform and application for online ticket booking,

Now the railway is providing offline and online ticket booking services, IRFC company is also going to get a lot of benefits from this online ticket booking business and in the coming time we are going to see a 3 to 4 times increase in the company’s revenue and profit,

IRFC share price target 2026

By 2026 we can get to see new projects of railways and apart from this IRFC company can also announce any big project in railways, IRFC share price target in 2026 will be Rs 120.78 and the second IRFC share target in 2026 will be around Rs 127.45,

The railway is also doing good work in the railway infrastructure sector, IRFC company is also working to provide suitable facilities in every way.

IRFC is also bringing new platforms for passenger care and is also trying to connect Railways with new technology.

There was a time when people did not like railway food, but now on the railway you are given all the facilities like a restaurant, now any person can eat food like a restaurant while traveling on the railway,

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IRFC has also benefited a lot by investing in food and safety, now railway restaurants are also becoming more and more popular.

The IRFC also has the right over this railway food sector, so there is no question of any kind of competition in the future.

IRFC share price target for long term

YearsIRFC share price target prediction
IRFC price target 2027Target 1 price – 140.15 INR

Target 2 price – 151.65 INR

IRFC target share price 2028Target 1 price – 153.45 INR

Target 2 price – 160.29 INR

IRFC target price 2029Target 1 price – 170.10 INR

Target 2 price – 179.80 INR

IRFC share price target 2030

The company has suffered a little loss during the lockdown but still, the company is running in profit, IRFC share price target in 2030 will be Rs 182.34 and the second IRFC share target in 2030 will be Rs 196.70,

IRFC has not made any big announcements in 2022, but in the coming time this company can make new announcements because the company also wants to improve railways and make Indian railways better like US and European railways,

HDFC share price target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

The company is also starting its project on the railway line, apart from this, solar energy is being used to save expenditure on railways, which can make a lot of profit for the company,

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Now you must have come to know very well from IRFC share price target that how is the status of Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd company and how much profit it is running in,

If you invest in IRFC company for a long time, then you can get a lot of profit because the company is currently working on many products and services, due to which the company can get a lot of profits in the future,