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how to post to Instagram from pc

Instagram could be a free online photo-sharing app and social network platform bought by Facebook in 2012. in this article, you can read more about Instagram and how to post to Instagram from pc.

how to post to instagram from pc

how to post to instagram from pc

what is Instagram

Instagram could be a mobile app that enables users to edit and transfer snaps and short videos. Users can add a caption related to the categories in their posts associated with the index and search these posts inside the app.

every post created appears on their followers’ Instagram feeds and might even be viewed by the general public once labeled victimization hashtags or geotags.

Users even have the choice of constructing their profile non-public so that solely their followers will read their posts.

As with different social networking platforms, insta users will like, discuss and marker others’ posts, moreover as send non-public messages to their friends via the In appears on the Insta feeds of their followers {and will|and may|and might},

even be visible by the broader population once labeled utilizing hashtags or geotags Users may create their profile non-public so that solely their followers can see their posts.

Insta isn’t solely useful for people, however, it’s additionally ideal for corporations, The photo-sharing application permits businesses to form a free business account to advertise their products and services.

firms with business accounts have unlimited access to engagement and impression metrics per Instagram’s website,

over one million advertisers use Instagram to inform their stories and drive business results all across the globe. Moreover, hr of individuals assume the app helps customers realize the new product.

how to earn money from Instagram

how to post to Instagram from pc

Instagram has quickly risen in importance as a network for sharing videos and photos because it is so popular,

people expect to be able to access it from any device. However, because Instagram has always been a mobile-first platform,

there hasn’t been much progress on the PC front other than a simple website. There are also certain limitations on the website that prevent users from uploading images and videos straight from their computers.

So, to overcome these vexing constraints, we have devised clever hacks that will allow you to fully enjoy Instagram on PC.

In this article, we will explore all of the several techniques you may get on Instagram for PC without any restrictions.

  • Install the Insta application Official Desktop App on your PC.

Insta was previously restricted to the web for PC users. Insta, on the other hand, has stepped up its game by introducing the official Instagram desktop app on the Microsoft Store.

You may now use your PC to access all Insta functions, including the ability to submit images and videos.

Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s how to obtain the official Instagram desktop software and learn how to publish media assets to the computer.

Steps for how to post to Instagram from pc and setup

1. Browse to the Microsoft Store and search for “Instagram”

2. Open it and choose the “Get It” button. It will begin the insertion of Insta for Windows OS. Then, click the “Launch” option to launch the Insta app on your PC.

3. Finally, provide your Insta username and password, but then just click the “Log in” option.

4. All of the key Insta features, such as Explore, Direct, and Stories, are present and operational. However, there is no Upload icon to be seen. Don’t worry, simply proceed to the next step.

5. In the Windows taskbar, right-click the Instagram application and select “New Post.”

6. That is all there is to it. Similar to the mobile application, you may also submit images and videos from your PC.

Use Instagram for PC Using Third-Party Apps

While you can publish images and videos to Insta using the techniques mentioned above,

there are a few third-party apps that provide stability as well as some useful features.

To give you a taste, you can immediately upload images and videos to Insta from your PC; schedule an Insta post to go live at a specific time; and access a variety of different filters and editing tools, among other things.

If you prefer to publish, collect and share information on Instagram from your computer, these programs might be a fantastic replacement.

Here are some of the most popular Instagram for PC applications.

Important note: While the functionalities on third-party apps are useful, there is a privacy risk.

Third-party services will require you to provide your Insta credentials. So, before you create an account for these services, consider your privacy and then proceed.

  • Ramme

Ramme is a lightweight open-source Insta client that performs well.

It has all of the essential capabilities that you would expect from an Instagram desktop client.

The ability to upload images, support for dark mode, support for Windows keyboard shortcuts, background updating, and other features were included in the.

This is a basic Insta client that does not overload users with premium features and charges for them.

It is a free program with no hidden costs. This is one of the strongest third-party Insta programs available for desktop use.

  • Insta Photo Upload

Pic Upload for Insta does exactly what it says mostly on the tin. It is a third-party Insta method that enables you to submit images and videos from your computer.

The app is published on the Microsoft Store, so you can get it right away. The interface is quite similar to the Insta default design.

You have the standard upload button, and it functions similarly to the mobile app. It’s an Insta wrapper that works well for the most part.

However, when you try to upload media content, it often asks you to pay before you can post it. However,

you may use this app because it accomplishes the job well enough.

Enjoy Instagram on your PC without any limitations.

So now you have it, our way to using Instagram on PC without any restrictions.

As we progressed through the phases, we could see that the features were almost there but were buried in plain sight.

Insta does this on purpose to distinguish itself as a mobile-first platform. Still, you can follow the instructions and choose the technique that suits you best.

I would recommend using the official Insta for Windows app because it is reasonably reliable and works well for virtually everything.


According to the most recent Insta upgrades, the company is moving beyond the square photo format and is gambling big on Insta video forms.

Users on both the iPhone iOs and Android may use revolutionary features to create boomerangs, hands-free selfies, repost, or just browse the tales of their favorite influencers.

All of these efforts lead to the widespread use of the storytelling format.

In this regard, we have some fascinating statistics to show why this social media format has become so significant in nearly every marketing plan.

Here you can discover valuable facts and insights ranging from basic data about total Insta story usage to genuine case studies that provide proof of the success of Insta story advertisements.

How to Post on Instagram

General Facts About Instagram Stories

These are official Insta team data on the widespread use and acceptance of Insta stories not just by ordinary users, but also by Insta companies from across the world.

So, here are the key statistics demonstrating how many people use Insta stories and how popular this format is:

1. Every day, 500 million people use Insta stories (Insta internal data, January 2019),

2. Businesses account for one-third (1/3) of the most-watched Insta Stories. During a normal month,

3. 50% of companies on Insta created at least one story. In the next six months,

4. 96 percent of US marketers questioned want to continue utilizing Stories advertising.

And, when compared to the present, most popular formats, such as Facebook and the Insta feed,

there is a good chance that sharing with Insta stories will outweigh sharing with Feed views.

Isn’t it massive?

Know the requirements to view the active story’s Insta stories:

1. First, create an Insta story by tapping on your profile symbol.

2. Select an existing photo from the camera roll or snap a new shot by tapping the camera icon.

3. Select an emoji and share the tale by tapping the bottom right corner.

4. After a few minutes or hours, tap on the current story again.

5. Swipe up on the story you’re reading.

6. It will display the table insights in a bottom drawer view.

7. Tap the (eye) symbol to see who has watched the story on Insta.

8. Select the (chart) icon to explore the story’s insights.

What are the Insights into Instagram Stories?

When you view your Insta stories insights, you will see several data elements that are exclusive to the story format. Please see the official Insta stories insights definition for the most popular metrics to understand their importance and how Insta measures them:

Please see the official Insta stories insights definition for the most popular metrics to understand their importance and how Insta measures them:

Impressions – The total number of views of your article, which you can see when you open a story in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Reach is the number of distinct accounts that saw your story.

Taps ahead – The number of times someone taps to jump to the other section of your tale (swipe right).

Taps ahead – The number of times someone taps to jump to the other section of your tale (swipe right).

Taps back – The number of times a user taps to return to a prior section of your tale.

Replies – The number of messages sent using your story’s Send Message feature.

Swipe away – The number of times a user swipes to move on to the next account’s narrative.

Exits – The number of times a user exits a story read to return to their feed.

Following tale – The number of taps to the story of the next account.

You will also notice a section called Interactions in the preview, which may comprise the following data points: replies, website clicks, and profile visits.

In conclusion,

Insta stories are the most native format that has proved to produce excellent results for digital marketers, and many firms are already using them as an important component of their content strategy.