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difference between ndt technician and ndt inspector

What are NDT technician, NDT inspector, and NDT inspection in non destructive testing,
in this article, you will get information about the terms used in non-destructive testing, first of all, let’s talk about what is a nondestructive technician?

What is an ndt technician?

NDE technician is a person who has done a course in any nondestructive testing techniques under snt tc 1a and Specification CP – 189 of asnt certification and after that person is working on that technique after getting ndt certificate,

NDT technician and NDT inspector jobIn other definition, when a person works in the field related to that technology after obtaining a non-destructive testing techniques certificate as per snt tc 1a, he is called non destructive technician.

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There are many types of non-destructive techniques in ndt, after doing the course any person can become non destructive testing technician,
The ndt course covers more than 24 nondestructive techniques, liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing, radiography testing, etc.
You must have also heard about NDT Level 1 and NDT Level 2 Technician, know what is the difference between these two,

Difference between ndt level 1 and level 2 technician and non destructive testing technician certification

When you do an NDT course or take training in ndt techniques from an ndt level 3 person, ndt institution, and ndt third party, then they give you ndt level 1 and ndt level 2 certificate as per ASNT certification snt tc 1a.
SNT / TC / 1A and Specification CP – 189, Training, Examination and Certification compulsory to an NDT Technician as per schedule in non destructive testing Techniques,
After having ndt certification, any person can work as an ndt operator in those techniques, in which ndt level 1 technician works as an assistant, ndt operator, or as a general,
NDT Level 2 Technician is a person who has complete knowledge of code standards, documents control, reports, and inspection, etc. related to non destructive testing.
most of the people NDT Level 2 Technician also called as ndt level 2 inspector, Level 2 Technician has the knowledge to perform NDT inspection as per the code standard,
Level 1 ndt operator does not have complete knowledge of Code Standards, documents control, reports, NDT Inspection, etc, so he works only as a Technician,
Now let’s talk about what is an NDT Inspector in Non Destructive Testing?

What is ndt inspector?

NDT Inspector is the person who has knowledge of most of the NDT techniques and he is an ASNT NDT certified person in most of the techniques,
An ndt level 2 inspector has complete knowledge of NDT code standards, NDI inspection methods as well as documents related to QA/QC, construction work, drawing review, welding, instruments control, reporting, etc.
After getting certified at NDT level 2 or having experience in NDT techniques you can work as NDT Inspector and QA/QC Inspector, if a non destructive testing inspector has done engineering then he can work as QA/QC Engineer,
Advanced NDT Technician is also called NDT Inspector in NDT because Advanced NDT is highly skilled technology, the nde inspector can also act independently as a TPI (Third Party Inspector).
Now know what is NDT Inspection in Non Destructive Testing?

What is Ndt inspection?

Ndt inspection is that in which the ndt inspector, ndt engineer, and ndt level 2 technician are given the code standard, reference, guide, revisions, acceptance standard, procedure, terms, etc. related to non-destructive testing, made by the organization like ASNT, ASME, ASTM, API, etc., the techniques have to be followed,
After using ndt technology on any material, component, etc in NDE, ndt inspection is done as per that ndt method,
non-destructive testing is a large set of different techniques due to which all the methods are accepted and rejected as per the code standards, inspection reports, etc.
While conducting an NDT inspection, all these things have to be kept in mind, the person responsible has to follow all the procedures laid down by the NDT,

There is a process of inspecting the material by any ndt technology that has been created by ndt Level 3, ndt Level 2 Person performs the inspection, examination, evaluation, interpretation, etc. according to the procedure.
Final word
NDT Inspector is a professional job related to office and field and NDT Technician has level-wise fieldwork,
There are many types of technology in ndt and jobs are available in every technology according to the levels, so most of the people do ndt courses,
Any person working in any welding, fabrication, engineering company benefits a lot from an ndt certificate, it is an additional course which you can show as experience and knowledge,

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