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Zomato share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, to 2030

In 2023-2024 many people would like to earn money by investing in the stock market and would be looking for stocks that are in their savings and in which there is no risk, in this article, we are going to discuss Zomato’s share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, to 2030.

Before investing money in Zomato company, all the data of the Zomato share price and information about the company should be collected,

Only after analyzing the data, one should invest in the stock of Zomato company, it is very important to do a technical analysis of that company before investing in the stock market,

Zomato share price targets IPO of the Zomato company was opened in July 2021, after which many people earned millions of rupees from the IPO, the retail company bought the largest stake in Zomato shares,

Zomato Share Overview

It is India’s largest food delivery company, Zomato Company issued an IPO in July for 9375Cr. rupees,

The company’s share price was fixed at Rs. 76 in the IPO but the company’s share was listed for Rs. 115 in the stock market, the company’s share was oversubscribed 40 times,

In November 2021, the number of people who bought the company’s shares increased to 76%, the market cap of the Zomato company crossed 1 lakh crore, Zomato stock has performed well in the market in 2021,

Zomato share price target

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Visit our Disclaimer page before you invest in any stock and take advice from your financial advisor,

Zomato stock price targets

The online food delivery business is growing rapidly in India, talk about Zomato company’s business model and business management are very strong,

Zomato company got listed in the stock market to further its business and the company has also been successful in raising money from the stock market,

in the coming time, we can see the company investing in other sectors as well,
Even if you want to invest in the company for a short period of time, the company can give you good returns,

Zomato share price target 2023

The share of Zomato company was included in the stock market in July 2021 and as of November 2022 the stock price of Zomato company has given a very good response to its shareholder,

In 2022, we have got to see the strength in the share price of Zomato Company and this strength will also be available in the stock price of Zomato Company in the coming time,

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in 2023, the Zomato share price can be expected to cross the target of Rs. 116.80 and the second Zomato share target of Rs. 124.84.

Zomato share price target 2024

By 2024 we may get to see more strength in the share price of Zomato because in 2021-2022 the company was not in profit, still, we got to see the strength in the share price of the company,

Stock market experts believe that despite the loss of Zomato Company, the company’s share price gave a very good response to the investors,

In 2024, the Zomato share price can be expected to go above the target of Rs. 120.62 and the second target price of Rs. 172.45,

Zomato share price targets 2025 and 2030

By 2025-2030, the Zomato company can use new technology in the food delivery business and can be seen investing in sectors other than food delivery to further its business,

Food delivery is not so prevalent in India right now, but it is expected that by 2030 most people in India will give more importance to online food delivery, most people in India live in villages and Zomato company is yet to catch on,

In the coming time, we can also see the Zomato company’s own restaurant,
if the company’s business management is good, then in 2025-2030 we can keep the Zomato target price of 320.57 Rs. and the second Zomato price target will be Rs. 580.63.

Is Zomato Share right for the future?

The question in the mind of all of you will be whether Zomato’s stock is safe for the future or not.

For your information, let us tell you that if you want to keep the shares of Zomato company with you for the future,

then the stock will be absolutely safe because in 2021 the company is continuously running at a loss, and in the coming time the company can come in profit.

If the company becomes profitable in the coming time, then we can get to see the strength of the company’s share price very fast,

Zomato was listed in the stock market because the company had to expand its business and for this,

the company took money from the stock market and the company was very successful in this.

By 2023, 2024, 2025, to 2030, we can see the strength of the company’s share price.

What is the risk in Zomato stock?

Stock market experts believe that the biggest risk in Zomato Share is that the company’s rival is a company like Swiggy,

Swiggy company is very big and also very old as compared to Zomato company, Swiggy is an international company and coming time we can see other big competitors of Zomato company,

Perhaps by 2025, the business of food delivery Amazon company can also be seen because this company is seen continuously investing in other sectors,
Until the company becomes profitable, the risk in the shares of the company shall remain as follows,

Friends, in this article, by doing a technical analysis of Zomato company and looking at the earnings figures of the company, information about Zomato’s stock price target has been given in the coming time.

There are some positive things in Zomato company and there are some negative things as well that can affect the company’s share price in both the short term and the long term.

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