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TCS share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, to 2030

Friends, if you want to earn money by investing in the stock market in 2022 and want to buy Tata Consultancy Services shares in 2023-2024, then today in this article we are going to tell you about all the TCS share price targets.

Before buying the TCS share, you should have complete information about the company like in which sector the company is running its business,

how much is the income of the company, whether the company is not in debt, how good the company return will be, planning for the future It is very important to know everything, etc.

TCS share price overview

The TCS company is India’s largest multinational company providing business processing outsourcing services, the main business of the company is related to information technology and other technology,

This company was listed on the National Stock Exchange in 2004 and then the share price of the company was around Rs. 120, the total net profit of the company in September 2021 was Rs. 10,152.00 Crore, and revenue was 39,315.00 Cr, in September.

Looking at last year’s data, the Tata Consultancy Services share price has seen a jump,

TCS stock price target

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TCS share price target 2023

Talking about the 2021 figures of TCS Company, the share price of the company has increased very fast, at the beginning of 2021 the share price of TCS company was around Rs. 2600 but in October 2021, the Tata Consultancy Services share price of the company crossed Rs. 3700,

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In India, the speed of computer software is increasing in the army, and TCS company is the most fulfilling this demand,

TCS company is the only company that provides outsourcing services to India apart from computer software, that is why the company’s business income is tremendous,

If the company’s income is tremendous then the company will also give a tremendous return to its shareholders, in 2021 The company has given about 60% return to its shareholders,

The share price is continuously rising and experts believe that the TCS share price target for 2023 may be Rs 3500.78 and another TCS target price of Rs 3640.67.

TCS share price target 2024

Digital and outsourcing processes are also in high demand, the company mainly deals in providing software,

The company’s business is continuously making a profit and the company’s income is tremendous, due to which the financial condition of the company is very good, this company also remains in the discussion every year, which benefits the company a lot.

TCS is a group of Tata in a way, if we talk about the business management of the company, then it is also seen tremendously,

Based on the management of the company it can be said that the share price target of TCS company in 2024 will be Rs. 3780 and another TCS share price prediction of Rs. 3940 can be expected.

TCS share price target 2025

The TCS company is considered to be the largest computer software manufacturer and outsourcing service provider in India, the company has a 60% market monopoly in terms of computer software,

Digitalization is happening fast in India, which the company is benefiting a lot because the company is giving India the most services in the digital sector,

The government also supports TCS, the company has its office in every state of India, this company provides its services all over India,

company is adopting new technology in the digital sector, in 2025 The share price of TCS company can be expected to cross the first target of TCS share price of Rs. 5050 and the second TCS stock price is Rs. 5409,

TCS is also considered the highest return company for its shareholders, from 2004 to 2021 the company has given very good returns to its shareholders.

TCS share price target 2030

the company provides tremendous outsourcing service, due to which the company’s business grows and by 2030, the company is making new plans to advance its business and is also investing in other sectors,

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TCS is thoroughly tested by adopting new technology to provide digital service and the Indian government also wants to digitize everything now,

All services from computer software to outsourcing are provided by TCS company to the government, TCS company is a private company that makes new announcements every year in its business,

The share price of TCS Company is expected to go above the target price of Rs. 8920 and the second TCS share price target of  Rs. 9650 in 2030.

Is TCS stock good for the future?

If you want to keep the stock of TCS company for the future then you can keep it, we analyzed the data of the last 10 years of the company, then we did not see any decrease in the share price of the company,

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The company’s share price has increased continuously since 2021, the company’s earnings are also good, the company has 12.98LCr capital available in the market,

TCS is considered to be India’s first largest outsourcing and computer software provider.

If you can maintain the stock of this company for a long time then the company can give you very good returns in the future.



Today in this article we have provided you with information about some important goals of TCS company in the coming time by doing a technical analysis of TCS company.

We have provided all these TCS share price target information based on the company’s data for the last 5 years.