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Twitter stock forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

If you have twitter stock or if you are going to invest in twtr stock then it is very important for you to know the Twitter stock forecast,
Before taking any stock, a technical analysis of that stock and company should be done, so that you can get to know about that stock and company,

twitter stock forecast

Twitter stock forecast

An investor needs to know where the Twitter company is investing to increase its revenue, how its business model works and what will be the Twitter stock price target, etc.

The Twitter company overview

It is an industry related to technology services and a free social media platform where users communicate in the form of a short message called a tweet,

Twitter Inc was discovered in 2006 and is used by companies to connect with their vendors, partners, consumers, workers, etc.
This platform provides the facility the users to share their views with everyone for free, here many leaders, businessmen, and common people give their views,

As of 2021 stats twtr has 5500 employees, twitter’s market cap is around $28.25B in February 2022, the Twitter stock market name is Twitter inc TWTR NYSE,

It is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. And the new CEO is Parag Agarwal after Jack Dorsey stepped down in November 2021.

If twitter revenue grows then twtr stock can give a good return, all twtr forecast data given here is based on news, historical charts, analyst ratings, financial information, etc.

Given below is the analyst rating for 2023 according to which you can decide whether to buy, hold or sell the Twitter share,

twtr stock analysis

twtr stock analysis

These analyst ratings are for 2023, with a majority of 54% of analysts recommending a hold on Twitter stock, and 34% of analysts saying “buying” of the twtr stock,

Here only 10% of analysts are recommending selling Twitter Inc stock, which shows that this stock can give you good returns in long run,

Looking at the Twitter historical chart, its share price was 41.65 USD initially in November 2013, which reached 69 USD in January 2014, after that its stock saw a decline and in January 2016 its share price was USD 15. came around,

The Twitter stock saw a jump again from 2018 and in February 2021 the Twitter share price reached around US$77, it started declining and in March 2022 Twitter stock came to US$35, Twitter stock price today.

EU sanctions have been imposed on Russian state media due to the Russia and Ukraine war in 2022, which will affect the revenue of Twitter and will see a reduction in stock prices,
Here we are telling you the figures of Twitter stock predictions for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 keeping all these things in mind,

It is only Twitter Inc stock price forecast data made by experts before investing must read our website’s disclaimer,

Twitter stock forecast 2023

If you analyze the historical charts of the last 5 years, you will see that the Twitter stock price has not declined much, based on which the Twitter stock price prediction will be estimated to be around US$52 to US$110,

According to the new CEO Agarwal, the company can meet the 2023 targets as new account sign-ups and reactivation have increased,

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The Twitter company said it saw a 25% year-over-year increase in new account sign-up, reactivations, and a 35% year-over-year increase in daily sign-ups,

After the EU sanctions on Russian state media in 2022, the situation could return to normalcy by 2023 and see its share price rise,

Due to the Russia and Ukraine war, Twitter may see a reduction in financial support from users, business companies, advertisers, etc.
This war has a direct impact on the revenue of Twitter and this decrease in Twitter stock can be seen till 2024, and 2025.

Twitter stock forecast 2024

If we look at the company’s financial overview, Twitter forecast price will be around US$130 to US$150 in 2024,
The Twitter platform allows users to connect with people, and provide information, views, opinions, news, etc.,

In the coming time, we can see more changes in this, and Twitter company can take its business further through advertising, etc.

Twitter stock forecast 2025

It gets 90% of its revenue from advertising and it promotes tweets, accounts, and trends according to which Twitter stock price prediction in 2025 will be around 170 USD to 240 USD,

The Twitter platform promotes tweets, accounts, etc of its users and also gets 90% of revenue from advertisements, users are active here due to trending topics,

News channels, politicians, political parties, actors, etc. use this platform to stay connected with the public, it is such an open platform where messages can be sent to all big personalities through tags,

twtr inc also provides features like live commentary, live connection, live conversation, etc. on its platform, so that Twitter users stay connected with the company app,

The more active the users, the higher the company’s revenue, and twtr stock price will also increase, by 2025, many competitors of twitter may come into the market, which can affect its revenue and stock,

Twitter stock forecast 2030

If twitter inc company increases its sign of new users and sign-in users by 2030 then twitter share forecast for 2030 can be around USD 520 to USD 570,

According to the new CEO of the company, Aggarwal, efforts will be made to increase the number of users signed up on Twitter and make the rules of Twitter user-friendly.

Twitter is also used in social networking services and microblogging services etc. By 2030 the company will make many new changes, which are likely to increase its revenue,

The company is using new technology and stressing increasing its users in all countries,

it is the largest platform of social media where international users can communicate with each other through tweets,


Should you buy Twitter stock in 2023?

According to Twitter’s historical charts, analyst ratings, financial overview, Twitter stock twits, and Twitter stock projections, its stock price may see a decline in 2023,

The Twitter stock price can fluctuate big due to Russia and Ukraine war and other sanctions, so you can buy its falling stock and keep it for a long time and get a good return in the future,

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As per our experts, you should take Twitter stock in 2023 which will give you good returns in the future, if you take its stock for short time then you may have to take financial risk,

According to the company’s historical charts, analyst ratings, and financial overview, long-term investment in Twitter stocks can give good returns, invest according to your financial advisor,

Is there a risk in buying Twitter stock?

It is a big social media platform where users from all over the world are connected, it is used in international countries like Facebook meta, Instagram, etc.,

How Twitter’s new CEO Agarwal maintains the company’s management and makes new changes will have an impact on users, revenue, stock, etc.

So it’s hard to say how much risk there might be in the future,
Here we have given Twitter stock predictions, in which twitter price prediction data is given, you can analyze and invest company’s Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 financial position,

The data given here is for information only, website, etc. is not responsible for the financial risk caused by it,
You should invest at your discretion and financial advisor, for more details read our website disclaimer,

Final word

This Twitter stock forecast article is written according to Twitter stock news, historical charts, analyst ratings, financial information, technical analysis, etc.

Like twitter share forecast, if you want to know the forecast of any other stock then you can tell us by commenting,