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Pound to INR forecast 2023 to 2030 and previous performance

you can plan your investment according to the given pound to INR last 10 days price, pound to INR last month price, pound to inr last years prices and pound to inr forecast price,

According to the previous Pound to INR price and pound to rupee forecast price, you can trade the commodity and take a good profit by transferring money at the right time,

Pound to inr last 10 days

You can make an investment plan according to our last 10 days’ pound to rupee price and our given pound to rupee prediction, here we have given the last 1 pound to rupee prices which will help you to analyze,

Pound to INR forecast

Pound to INR forecast

If we talk about the last 1 pound in rupees, then on 27 March 2022, the pound to inr price was around Rs 100.47, which came to Rs 99.13 on 29 March 2022, on 1 April 2022 this price has seen 99.62 rupees and on 6 April 2022 one pound in rupees price fell to near Rs 98.49,

If we talk about currency trading of rupee and pound, then both these currencies came into the market in 1995, then the price of pound to rupee was 51.17 which is increasing and is trading around 100.50 in March 2022,

List of one pound in rupees last year 2021

January 2021

Low price – 99.35 INR

Average price – 99.48 INR

High price – 99.96 INR

February 2021

Low price – 99.97 INR

Average price – 99.92 INR

High price – 102.50 INR

March 2021

Low price – 99.92 INR

Average price – 99.99 INR

High price – 101.10 INR

April 2021

Low price – 101.10 INR

Average price – 102.35 INR

High price – 105.70 INR

May 2021

Low price – 102.29 INR

Average price – 103.50 INR

High price – 103.80 INR

June 2021

Low price – 102.48 INR

Average price – 102.68 INR

High price – 103.68 INR

July 2021

Low price – 101.56 INR

Average price – 102.43 INR

High price – 103.68 INR

August 2021

Low price – 103.37 INR

Average price – 101.57 INR

High price – 100.50 INR

September 2021

Low price – 99.80 INR

Average price – 100.79 INR

High price – 101.77 INR

October 2021

Low price – 100.43 INR

Average price – 103.20 INR

High price – 103.61 INR

November 2021

Low price – 99.22 INR

Average price – 99.45 INR

High price – 100.20 INR

December 2021

Low price – 99.60 INR

Average price – 100.68 INR

High price – 101.11 INR

Pound to INR prediction 2023

Forex experts believe that the price of the poundinr will be around Rs 110.48 to Rs 112.35 in 2023, this price may change if the pound country’s trade with India,

Pound to rupee prediction 2024

In recent times, India has established trade relations with many countries, which will have an impact on the Pound to Rupee, in 2024 the value of the Pound to Rupee can be seen from around Rs 113.40 to Rs 117.58,

pound to INR forecast 2025

According to the analysis of experts, forex trading and another trading, etc, the forecast value of the Pound to INR for 2025 will be around Rs 119.80 to Rs 223.48,

Pound to INR forecast 2030

If you analyze the Pound to Indian rupee for the last few years then you will see that every year we see some increase from Pound to Rupee according to which in 2030 the price of 1 Pound can be seen from around Rs 257.65 to around Rs 262.70.

Pound to Indian rupees prediction given here is approximate data based on Pound to Rupee prices over the years, analysis by forex trading experts, etc.

If you trade in our given currency, invest as per your financial advisor, you will be responsible for any financial risk, this article is for information only, read our disclaimer,

Final word

You can plan your investments for the future by analyzing our given pound to INR forecast prices, if you have any questions in your mind then you can ask us by comments.